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Tribal Rabbit Series Name Labels

$12.95 - $34.95
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Sick of the kids loosing containers? You’re partner leaves them at work? Family fighting over who’s container is who’s? Don't stress, cover then all in personalised name labels!
Our Name Labels are printed on the highest quality labels, the material is a high tack adhesive based on the material we use at our parent company Elite. The sheets are then laminated in a clear film, available in Gloss or Matte at no extra cost.
Features of our labels:
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Freezer Resistant
  • Microwave Safe
Supplied in sheets for easy application and storage if you don’t use them all in one hit. The sheet will have your order number on the top for easy reference when you’re ready to re-order. We fit as many stickers as we can into a sheet, here is what we can normally fit into a single sheet;
A5 - 60pcs  |  A5 - 120pcs  |  A4 - 248pcs
A5 - 18pcs  |  A5 - 36pcs  |  A4 - 72pcs
A5 - 10pcs  |  A5 - 20pcs  |  A4 - 40pcs
A5 - 8pcs  |  A5 - 16pcs  |  A4 - 32pcs
A5 - 5pcs  |  A5 - 10pcs  |  A4 - 15pcs
Fill out the form above to personalise with names. Have something in mind but don’t see it on our store? Shoot us an email we’re happy to customise anything. There’s no extra cost for building a new design 
Application tips:
Apply labels to a clean, dry surface